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Power & Flexibility in an Open Design

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A Versatile, Space-proven Architecture with Multiple CPU Choices

The CubeSat Kit's electronic hardware is designed around Pumpkin's space-proven satellite architecture, with support for different processors. The Motherboard (MB) implements Pumpkin's CubeSat Kit architecture, with:

  • The 104-pin CubeSat Kit Bus for stackable modules
  • The 100-pin CubeSat Kit PPM connector, for Pluggable Processor Modules from Pumpkin and third parties
  • USB 2.0
  • MHX-comaptible transceiver socket
  • SD Card socket
  • Zero-power isolation interfaces for the USB, transceiver and SD Card
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC) with battery backup
  • Remove-before-Flight and Deployment Switches
  • External dc power, with protection against overvoltage, overcurrent and reverse-voltage
  • PC/104 power and ground connectors

The Development Board (DB) has all of the features of the Motherboard, plus a variety of features that make it suited for laboratory work, including:

  • Two 104-pin CubeSat Kit Bus connectors for two concurrently placed CubeSat Kit module stacks
  • Inline jumpers for circuit isolation and current measurements
  • A simple +5V and +3V power supply
  • A configurable RS-232 serial port with DB-9 connector
  • LED indicators for power status
  • A reset switch
  • All circuitry laid out over a large area, to facilitate meter and oscilliscope probing, etc.

All of the CubeSat Kit electronics are built from industrial-grade (-40C to +85C) or better components.

Pluggable Processor Modules enable Multiple CPU Choices

With the fourth generation of the CubeSat Kit, customers can choose which processor they wish to use, either by chosing an existing Pumpkin Pluggable Processor Module (PPM) or by creating one of their own. Available PPMs incorporate microcontrollers with a wide variety of processing power, peripherals, and unique features. Customers can select a PPM based on their particular mission requirements. Existing codebases may also drive the selection of a PPM.

  • TI's 16-bit MSP430 ultra-low-power microcontroller (PPM A1|A2|A3)
  • Silicon Labs® C8051 8-bit mixed-signal MCU (PPM B1)
  • Microchip® PIC24 16-bit high-performance microcontroller (PPM D1)
  • Microchip® dsPIC33 16-bit digital signal controller (PPM D2)

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