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Flexible Power

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Mixed-voltage Operation Supported

Many transceivers, components, plug-in modules and PC/104 still require +5Vdc. Modules on the bus can draw +5V power directly from the CubeSat Kit Bus. Alternately, they can downconvert on each module to lower voltages, e.g. +3.3V. The CubeSat Kit architecture supports I/O operations from +2.0V to +5.0V, based on an output from the PPM. Normally, a VCC of +3.3V is used.

CubeSat Kit users can design their own or purchase a CubeSat Kit-comaptible Electrical Power System (EPS). The EPS must deliver +5V to the CubeSat Kit Bus, with sufficient power to drive the on-board modem, which is generally the largest single power consumer in a CubeSat.

24x7 via Extremely Low Power Consumption

By utilizing the ultra-low-power modes pf the processors on Pumpkin Pluggable Processor Modules (PPMs), a CubeSat Kit can be made to operate at mW levels, even at full speed. This enables the Motherboard + PPM to run continuously during a CubeSat mission. Further power savings can be realized by placing the PPM processor into a standby / sleep mode

High-current Primary Power Switching

The CubeSat Kit's Remove-Before-Flight and Deployment Switches -- each rated at 10A -- can be configured as high-side (e.g. power interruptors) or low-side (e.g. ground lift) switches, A variety of primary power switching schemes can be accommodated. By utilizing the direct connection of these switches to the CubeSat Kit Bus, customers can minimize discrete point-to-point high-current wiring.

Support for Multiple Grounding Schemes

Individual Pumpkin CubeSat Kit modules employ multiple ground planes, star grounding, and other attention to ground issues. The CubeSat Kit Bus provides a separate ground (AGND) for analog / low-noise signal returns. The CubeSat Kit chassis is electrically isolated from the CubeSat Kit electronics, enabling you to choose how and where you will ground the chassis to your electronics.

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