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Unlimited Storage

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SD/MMC Card Support

The CubeSat Kit architecture includes built-in Secure Digital / Multimedia Card (SD/MMC) support. On-board storage capacity is limited only by the card chosen, up to 2GB (or 4GB and higher with SDHC support). Each CubeSat Kit includes a binary (i.e. library) version of HCC-Embedded's EFFS-THIN Flash File System, a small-footprint highly scalable DOS/Windows-compatible file system supporting FAT access to SD cards.

Power to the SD/MMC card is under software control of the CubeSat Kit PPM. This allows the CubeSat Kit to conserve power when no access to the SD/MMC card is pending.

Data throughput between the mass storage device and the on-board transceiver is maximized and latencies are minimized by viryue of the fact that the SD Card (on SPI0) and the transceiver (on UART1) can be simultaneously enabled and active. PPM pocessors that include DMA further enable transport of data between the SD Card and the transceiver with minimal CPU action.

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