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October 10 — SUPERNOVA™ Structures Flying off the Shelves

No, there hasn't been an earthquake affecting San Francisco! But SUPERNOVA structures are now available from stock.

The SUPERNOVA structure User Manual is now online.


August 2-7 — Pumpkin at SmallSat Conference 2014

Come visit us at SmallSat 2014 in Logan, Utah. Pumpkin is exhibiting in booths 5&6, directly opposite the main presentation room.


August 1 — 6U SUPERNOVA™ Block III Basic ICD Released

SUPERNOVA Block III production is now underway. Block III supports up to six 100x100x100mm unit cells. A basic ICD for the 6U SUPERNOVA™ Block III structure is now available.


June 5 — Economist Article on CubeSats Mentions Pumpkin, Inc.


Glenn Fleishman's article on CubeSats for The Economist is now online, and mentions various Bay Area small satellite companies, including Pumpkin, Inc.


May 9 — New CAD Models Available

Various CAD models have been added to the Design & CAD Models page.


May 5 — NASA EDSN Update

The eight flight spacecraft for NASA's Edison Demonstration of SmallSat Networks (EDSN) have "successfully completed environmental testing and extended simulation testing."

Pumpkin provided the1.5U-size structures for the EDSN CubeSats. These were the first production CubeSat Kit Pro Chassis structures, hewn from solid blocks of Aluminum, with custom features requested by the EDSN team.

Images courtesy of NASA / Ames Research Center


February 11 — Vermont Tech's CubeSat

Vermont Technical College's CubeSat Lab -- under the tutelage of Dr. Carl Brandon -- currently has a 1U CubeSat on orbit. VTC's CubeSat utilizes a Pumpkin 1U skeletonized structure and a Pumpkin MSP430-based C&DH running code that is written using the Ada SPARK toolset and then cross-compiled to C.


February 10 — NSF Report on CubeSats released

The National Science Foundation has released their 2013 annual report on CubeSats. It contains writeups on several successful NSF-funded CubeSat missions that utilized Pumpkin components, including RAX, CSSWE, DICE, FireFly, CINEMA and FIREBIRD.


February — GPSRM 1 GPS Receiver Module now in Production

Pumpkin's GPSRM 1 CubeSat-compatible GPS receiver module is now in full production. This unit can be outfitted with any member of NovAtel's OEM615 family of dual-frequency GPS & GLONASS receivers. When integrated into the GPSRM 1, these receivers have their COCOM limits unblocked, enabling them to unction in Earth orbits. Additional features include a 50-Ohm PPS output (via MCX connector and on the CubeSat Kit Bus connector), a variable-frequency output capable of pulse generation. compatibility with a wide range of Pumpkin Pluggable Processor Modules (PPMs), and a Supervisor MCU with an SCPI command interface that manages the OEM615 and its interfaces for configuration and runtime flexibility.


January — 6U SUPERNOVA™ Basic ICD Released

Pumpkin's CSD-comptible 6U structure has been fabricated and is curently undergoing a battery of characterization tests. A basic ICD for the 6U SUPERNOVA™ structure is now available.












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