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Included Software

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Pumpkin CubeSat Kit Software

Each CubeSat Kit is supplied with a processor-specific set of libraries for controlling and interfacing to CubeSat Kit resources. These libraries are supplied in source-code form, and include functions to:

  • Enable and control the transceiver interface
  • Enable and control the USB interface
  • Enable and control the SD Card interface
  • Control power switching
  • Shutdown the system for minimum power consumption

Pumpkin Processor Library Software

Each CubeSat Kit is also supplied with a processor-specific set of libraries for initializing and using on-chip peripherals. These libraries are supplied in source-code form, and include functions to control:

  • On-chip UARTs

Pumpkin Salvo Pro RTOS Software

Each CubeSat Kit comes with a framework for rapid development of multitasking applications. By creating your CubeSat Kit application within a multitasking framework, application functionality can be added in a loosely coupled and modular way, while enhancing runtime performance via the RTOS' ability to schedule tasks based on priority.

Salvo is Pumpkin's space-proven Real-Time Operating Systems. It is an efficient, priority-based, event-driven cooperative multitasking RTOS with an emphasis on maximal run-time performance with configurable zero interrupt latency. Salvo's features include:

  • A minimal data memory (RAM) footprint
  • A small program memory (Flash) footprint
  • The number of tasks and events is limited only by available memory
  • Sixteen individual priority levels
  • Support for five event types:
    • Binary semaphore
    • Counting semaphores
    • Messages
    • Message queues
    • Event flags
  • Support for various time-based processes, requiring only a single, repetitive OS call:
    • Task delays
    • Waiting on events with timeouts
    • Cyclic timers
    • Set and get system tick count
  • A well-defined and wide-ranging API
  • Total user control over interrupts, with the ability to achieve zero interrupt latency for all ISRs not associated with Salvo API services
  • Flexible configurability (e.g. support for 8-,. 16- or 32-bit delays)

HCC-Embedded EFFS-THIN Flash File System Software for SD Cards

Each CubeSat Kit includes the EFFS-THIN Flash File System for SD Cards from HCC-Embedded, a world leader in embedded file system technology. With EFFS-THIN, you can read and write to the SD Card using standard FAT-comaptible files, so that the SD Card can be used in both the CubeSat Kit and on PCs and laptops. EFFS-THIN provides a wide range of file- and directory-based operations. EFFS-THIN is provided in library form, with CubeSat Kit-specific SPI drivers included in source code form.



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