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October 8 , 2008 — New Additions to Website

CubeSat Kit logo

Updated CAD models for the 1U, 1.5U and 3U skeletonized and solid-wall CubeSat Kit structures are now online.

Additionally, a formal external payload specification / ICD is now available online. Use this document when designing external payloads for use with standard CubeSat Kit components.


August 9-14, 2008 — At Small Satellite Conference 2008

SmallSat Conference 2008 logo

CubeSat Developers' Workshop 2008 logo

Pumpkin will be exhibiting in booth #74 at 22nd Annual Conference on Small Satellites. The weekend prior to the conference hosts the 5th Annual CubeSat Developers' Worskhop. We expect to see many attendees interested in CubeSats, as well as many of Pumpkin's CubeSat Kit customers.

Dr. Kalman's presentation for the workshop is entitled "4th-generation CubeSat Kit Architecture" and is scheduled for 13:20 to 13:40 on Sunday, August 10.

Dr. Kalman's presentation for the conference is entitled "MISC™ -- A Novel Approach to Low-Cost Imaging Satellites" and is scheduled for 16:15 to 16:30 on Wednesday, August 13. Julian Mann of Stanford University will co-present.

All of the Pumpkin CubeSat Kit team will be at the conference -- please be sure to say hello. We're always interested in discussng your mission-specific needs.


August 3 , 2008 — Delfi-C3 in Space for over 90 Days

Delfi-C3 CubeSat

Pumpkin has released Press Release PR-4 celebrating over 90 days of on-orbit operation of the 3U Delfi-C3 CubeSat.


June 7, 2008 — 5 CubeSat Kits chosen as part of ESA's Vega Maiden Flight

CubeSat Kit logo

Four of the nine student teams selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) for launch on its new Vega launch vehicle are Pumpkin customers and are using Pumpkin's CubeSat Kit components on their satellites. Two backup teams were also selected, and one of those employs the CubeSat Kit as well.

More information is available in Pumpkin's Press Release PR-5 and ESA's website.


June 3, 2008 — Multiple new 3D CAD Models now Online


As part of our update to the CubeSat Kit's 3D CAD models, the models for a variety of new assemblies and modules are online.

Also, the Rev C FM430 datasheet has been updated with information on the changes required to support the newer generation of Microchard MHX OEM wireless transceiver modules, which differ physically and in their power requirements from the earlier ones.


April 28, 2008 — Another CubeSat Kit Launched into Space

Delfi-C3 CubeSat

TU Delft's Delfi-C3 CubeSat was successfully launched into space today via PSLV-C9. Telemetry has been acquired and decoded, and the nanosatellite is functioning properly.

Delfi-C3 is based on a Rev C 3U solid-wall CubeSat Kit.

Click here to view the CubeSat Kit's track record in space.


April 9-11, 2008 — At CubeSat Developers' Workshop in Cal Poly

CubeSat Developers' Workshop 2008

The CubeSat Kit will again be well represented at the 2008 CubeSat Developers' Workshop. Many CubeSat Kit users will also be attending, along with Pumpkin's Andrew Kalman and Adam Reif.

Dr. Kalman's presentation is entitled "Development Opportunities within the CubeSat Kit Architecture " and will take place from 11:25 to 11:35 on Wednesday, April 9, in Technical Session I. This presentation is available online in various formats.

Mr. Reif will moderate the Track A: Structure Technical Interchange Session from 14:00 to 15:30 on Friday, April 11.

All of the workshop's presentations are now available online, courtesy Cal Poly.


March 17, 2008 — 1U Skeletonized Chassis Assembly 3D CAD Models now Online

CubeSat Kit 1U Skeletonized Chassis Assembly

The 3D CAD model updates continue. Rev B, Rev C and Rev D 3D CAD models for the 1U skeletonized CubeSat Kit Chassis Assembly are now online.

Note that most CubeSat Kit solid-wall chassis components are now deprecated and are available only by special order. This is due to the skeletonized components' substantially lower mass. Solid-wall Cover Plate Assemblies (703-00295) are available as an off-the-shelf item for CubeSat Kit customers who need more material to e.g. mount various items to a CubeSat Kit Cover Plate.


March 11, 2008— Payload and ADACS Interface 3D CAD Models now Online

CubeSat Kit ADACS Interface Module Assembly

As part of our update to the CubeSat Kit's 3D CAD models, models for the ADACS Interface Module, the Payload Adapter Plate and the Payload Cover Plate are now online.


March 8, 2008— Pumpkin Donates Shake Table to San Jose State University

shake table on truck

Pumpkin has donated a shake table acquired through a US DOE surplus sale to the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at San Jose State University in San Jose, California.


March 5, 2008— IMI-100 ADACS 3D CAD Model now Online


As part of our update to the CubeSat Kit's 3D CAD models, the model for the IMI-100 ADACS is now online.


January 22, 2008— Mandarin Chinese User Manual now Online

CubeSat Kit logo

CubeSat Kit user Tingyan Chen of Tsinghua University has graciously provided a Mandarin Chinese translation of the CubeSat Kit User Manual.

Disclaimer: We at Pumpkin are not fluent in Mandarin. Therefore we cannot vouch for this translation.






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