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CubeSat Kit Presentations

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Conference Presentations (PDF format)

Download the presentation(s) of interest by clicking on the associated PDF icon(s) below.


August 2012

Adapting Linux-based Computing to CubeSats

Operation and Performance of Desktop Vacuum Chamber DVC1

July 2012

Nine Years and Counting - A Nanosatellite Designer's Perspective

April 2012

Designers Gone Wild

Enhanced Power Systems for CubeSats

August 2011

Nanosatellite Development from a CubeSat Designer's Perspective

Recent Developments in Pumpkin's CubeSat Kit™ Architecture

April 2011

Lessons Learned from the First Wave of Common-architecture CubeSats

November 2010

High-Power Solar Arrays for NanoSats

August 2010

An Overview of the TVC1 Desktop Vacuum Chamber

Recent Advances in the Construction of Solar Arrays for CubeSats

November 2009

Pumpkin's Colony I CubeSat Bus: Past, Present & Future

August 2009

Understanding, Utilizing & Choosing CubeSat Kit™ PPMs

April 2009

The CubeSat Kit Hinge™ System & Designing your own CSK PPM

August 2008

MISC™ – A Novel Approach to Low-Cost Imaging Satellites

Overview of the 4th-generation CubeSat Kit™ Processor Architecture

June 2008

Towards Hard Real-time Performance in a Highly Asynchronous Multitasking MSP430 Application

April 2008

Development Opportunities within the CubeSat Kit Architecture

October 2007

No Satellite Experience? No Problem. Put a CubeSat in Space!

Small Spacecraft Missions – How About Flying a CubeSat?

August 2007

Recent Advances in the CubeSat Kit™ Family

April 2007

How to Accommodate Additional Processors in the CubeSat Kit™

November 2006

Maximizing Runtime Performance in Peripheral-Rich MSP430 Applications

August 2006

Designing for Success: Choosing CubeSat Components Wisely

July 2006

Picosatellite Programming within the Constraints of the 1kg, 10 x 10 x 10cm CubeSat Standard

April 2006

Making the Most of Limited I/O

November 2005

Hardware and Software Design of an RTOS-based MSP430-based Picosatellite

September 2005

Hardware and Software Design of an RTOS-based MSP430-based Picosatellite

August 2005

Recent Advances in the CubeSat Kit™ Family of Picosatellites

November 2004

Hardware and Software Design of an MSP430-based Satellite using an RTOS

August 2004

An Overview of the CubeSat Kit™

January 2004

Overview of the CubeSat Kit™

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