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About Pumpkin, Inc.

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Pumpkin, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Dr. Andrew E. Kalman after leaving his position as Director of R&D at Euphonix, Inc., a professional audio company he co-founded with Scott W. Silfvast and Adam W. Reif in 1988. Initially, Pumpkin's focus was on creating intelligent coaching and driving analysis electronics for amateur and semi-professional race car drivers. A hardware prototype was build and tested using the Microchip PIC17C756. Unfortunately at that time, low-cost GPS was not available, and so the project was cancelled. However, the firmware within that prototype — a novel RTOS written for the PIC17C756's severely limited RAM — aroused considerable interest and was therefore commercialized in 1998 as Pumpkin's first product, Salvo, The RTOS that runs in tiny places™. Pumpkin now produces Salvo for a wide range of embedded processors, from 8-bit PICmicro® MCus to 32-bit ARM® ARM7 controllers.

In addition to its Salvo product line, Pumpkin is actively involved in hardware products like the CubeSat Kit, and in consulting for certain clients. Pumpkin has become an embedded solutions provider focusing on high-quality tools that reduce development time and time-to-market, thereby enabling our customers to succeed in the competitive world market.

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