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CubeSat Kit Partners

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Space Systems Development Laboratory at Stanford University

Since 1999 we have been working with Professor Bob Twiggs and the various projects at SSDL, initially towards the basic concept of a CubeSat Kit, and more recently, in providing CubeSat Kits to classes and projects at Stanford.

Aerospace Engineering Department at California Polytechnic State University

The assistance of Professor Jordi Puig-Suari, Simon Lee, Armen Toorian and others has been invaluable in verifying the CubeSat Kit's compatibility with the existing P-POD launcher, and in providing a testing regime for the CubeSat Kit.

Clyde Space

Clyde Space is a space power and analog electronics specialist company based in Glasgow, Scotland with extensive experience in the small satellite industry. The Clyde Space team has contributed to over 25 satellite missions. Clyde Space has developed an efficient and affordable plug-and-play Electrical Power System (EPS) available for use in the CubeSat Kit as well as a range of batteries, solar arrays and other custom power solutions.

Ecliptic Enterprises

Pumpkin has been working with Ecliptic to expand the number of launch opportunities available to CubeSat missions through the development and availability of alternate CubeSat launchers.

Stensat Group LLC.

The Stensat Group has developed a VHF/UHF AX.25 1200bps transceiver module for use in the CubeSat Kit.

Tethers Unlimited (TUI)

Pumpkin has been exploring the possibility of offering modules designed by TUI as add-on modules to the CubeSat Kit.


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