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November 2, 2009 — CubeSat Software Updates

CubeSat Kit logo

Now that 8051- and PIC24/dsPIC33-based CubeSat Kits are finding their way into customer hands, the MSP430 is no longer the only microcontroller for the CubeSat Kit. This has led to a major software effort at Pumpkin to abstract the hardware dependencies of the CubeSat Kit code in order to ensure greater standardization and portability across all of these targets.

Today's release of new CSK /MSP430 software components (CubeSat Kit software and EFFS-THIN for CSK /MSP430 software) as well as an update to Salvo for MSP430 and Pumpkin's MSP430 Libraries is the first step towards this new software architecture for the CubeSat Kit.

Also, we are now using a new terminology for the CubeSat Kit(s), based on their processor dependence:

  • CSK /MSP430: MSP430-based, for PPM A1, A2 or A3
  • CSK /8051: 8051-based, for PPM B1
  • CSK /PIC24: PIC24-based, for PPM D1
  • CSK /dsPIC33: dsPIC33-based, for PPM D2


September 23, 2009 — Another CubeSat Kit-based CubeSat on Orbit

ITU-pSAT1 on desk

I.T.U. Space Systems Design & Test Laboratory's first CubeSat -- ITU-pSAT1 -- is now on orbit and operating properly. This is the first Rev D CubeSat Kit structure to be launched.


August 19, 2009 — Two XS-25a and Six XS-25b Satellites Delivered

CubeSat Kit logo

Pumpkin has delivered a total of eight XS-25a/b satellite assemblies to a U.S. government customer as part of the Colony I program..


August 8-13, 2009 — At Small Satellite Conference 2009

CubeSat Developers Summer Workshop 2009 poster

CubeSat Developers Summer Workshop 2009 poster

Pumpkin will be exhibiting in booth #74 at 23rd Annual Conference on Small Satellites. The weekend prior to the conference hosts the 6th Annual CubeSat Developers' Worskhop. We expect to see many attendees interested in CubeSats, as well as many of Pumpkin's CubeSat Kit customers.

Dr. Kalman's presentation for the workshop is entitled "Understanding, Utiizing & Choosing CubeSat Kit™ PPMs " and is scheduled for 09:00 to 09:20 on Sunday, August 9.

The Pumpkin team will be at the conference, demonstrating Pumpkin's MISC 2 bus. Additionally, some of Pumpkin's partners in space will also have demonstrations in the booth. Please be sure to say hello -- we're always interested in discussng your mission-specific needs.


July 28, 2009 — PPM Datasheets now online


Pumpkin has released Pluggable Processor Module (PPM) datasheets online.


May 19, 2009 — Pumpkin's Dr. Kalman in the News


Pumpkin CEO Dr. Andrew Kalman is also a Consulting Professor at Stanford University and leads the Space & Systems Development Lab (SSDL) in Stanford's department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Recently, KQED and (both in San Francisco) visited SSDL to report on the CubeSat activities there. You can find KQED's Quest radio story and's video story online.


April 22-25, 2009 — CubeSat Developers' Workshop at Cal Poly

CubeSat Developers Workshop 2009 poster

Pumpkin will be present for all four days at the CubeSat Developers' workshop. Nearly 40% of the presenters in the technical sessions are CubeSat Kit customers. Dr. Kalman's two-part talk is entitled "The CubeSat Kit Hinge System & Designing your own CSK PPM" and is available online.

Pumpkin is currently soliciting suggestions for future CSK Pluggable Processor Modules (PPMs). Email your suggestions to ppmvote [at] cubesatkit [dot] com.


March 19, 2009 — First XS-25a Satellites Delivered

CubeSat Kit logo

Pumpkin's first two XS-25a satellite assemblies have been delivered to the customer. They are now undergoing payload integration at the customer's facilities.


February 18, 2009 — First XS-25a Units Nearing Delivery

CubeSat Kit logo

Pumpkin's MISC 2 is a general-purpose payload carrier in the 3U CubeSat format, with deployable panels, 3-axis stabilization and a payload volume of approximately 1500cc. The first two MISC 2 units have passed NASA GEVS vibration tests and are nearing delivery to the customer as the first two XS-25a satellites.

Pumpkin Space integrates CubeSat Kit and other components into complete flight-ready spacecraft assemblies. MISC 2 is the first product from Pumpkin Space.


February 9, 2009 — First Rev D Electronics Components Reach Customers

CubeSat Kit logo

Pumpkin has delivered the The first CubeSat Kits with Rev D electronics to customers. These include MSP430-based systems and the new C8051F120-based CubeSat Kits for customers who prefer to use 8051 processors with the Keil C51 toolset.

The Rev D electronics -- announced at the Small Satellite Conference in August of 2008 -- employs a pluggable processor architecture. Pumpkin currently provides processor modules using TI's MSP430 and Silicon Labs' C8051 processors. Additional processor modules are planned.







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